Local Energy Solutions

Pioneer Energy is a leading energy partner to many of New Zealand's hospitals, city councils, tertiary institutions, manufacturers and processors. Innovative solutions generate reliability and supply assurance which is why Pioneer is chosen as a preferred energy partner for -

Industrial Heat & Power Network Clusters and District Energy Schemes

District energy schemes and industrial heat and power clusters generate heat and power for customers from a centralised energy centre which is distributed, via insulated heating pipes, either above or  below ground.

Pioneer Energy is a specialist provider with a number of district energy scheme partnerships throughout New Zealand involving councils and some of the country's leading primary producers and manufacturing exporters.

Innovative design and specialist knowledge has seen Pioneer Energy create a number of award winning renewable energy, co-fired renewable energy and waste-to-energy solutions providing peace of mind from these secure, guaranteed energy supply hubs.

Embedded Customer Owned Electricity Networks

Embedded electricity networks allows for the physical aggregation of energy consumed providing ease of supply for building or complex owners. For example, Pioneer Energy works with residential apartment complex owners and retirement village managers facilitating access to electricity purchase benefits.

Standby Auxiliary Power Plant

The Pioneer Energy owned and operated co-generation plant at Auckland Hospital has meant that New Zealand's largest hospital can get on with its core business, health care while leveraging the breadth of skills and resources of specialist managers of energy plant, utilities and optimisation.

Auckland District Health Board derives significant benefits in risk management and energy security from its strategic energy outsourcing partnership with Pioneer Energy.


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